DC4 Textile Printer


The Soabar DC4 two colour thermal transfer label printer is our high end industrial textile label printing solution for printing wash care labels on demand in the toughest of environments.

The DC4 series benefits from having two printheads located to the top to allow printing of your care labels with the KAFF information (Keep Away From Fire).

The DC4 offers an impressive 10″ material roll diameter and up to 450m ink ribbon capacity reducing downtime. At 4″ wide and with print speeds up to 6″ per second you can produce care labels on demand in house with ease.

  • High quality. The DC4 printer is available as 300dpi which is well suited for textile applications.
  • On Demand. With the DC4 series printer in your company, you can print wash care labels on polyester and nylon on demand and sew them into your products the same day without waste saving time and money within the business.
  • Variable. A changing composition, care symbols, style codes or sizes are easy when coupled to our professional labelling software.
  • Easy to use. With onsite installation and training you can be sure your staff will be able to operate the printer easily.

The DC4 series printer also offers a range of attachments including a cutter, cutter stacker or rewind unit. The cutter stacker allows the cutting of your care labels into a single label making it easier for your operators to sew the label into the garment.

At Soabar, we are renowned for our expertise within the textile printer industry. We will help you choose the right printer, software and care label materials to give you a complete solution which works for your business saving you time and money. With our on-site installation, training and warranty as standard you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

To discuss our DC4 printer range, request a demonstration or for more information on our range of products, get in touch with our team today.