Car Seat Labels

Car seat labels and all loose covers for upholstered furniture must be compliant with the furniture and furnishings regulations. This means all seat covers must carry a permanent label.

The permanent seat cover label can be long or short, but will give basic information about the product and how it is compliant with the relevant regulations. It needs to include information such as:

  • Safety cautions.
  • Name and postal code of the first supplier in the UK
  • Description of the covering material
  • Summary of measures taken to ensure compliance with the regulations.

In addition, seat cover labels are also an excellent place to include additional information, such as country of origin to showcase products that are British-made.

The labels can also include information on the materials that are used, making sure your customers know exactly what is in the product and can protect themselves from possible allergic reactions.

The labels can also include care instructions, helping your customers get the most from their product by keeping it in great condition.

Seat cover labels can reveal a lot about your brand and quality.

With a great design, your labels can be used as an extra point of sale tool to not only reassure customers about safety, but also promote the quality of the product and encourage them to complete the sale.

The regulations allow for the labels to be attached to the underside of the seat cover so they don’t distract from the cover’s design.

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