Swing Tickets

Swing tickets and header cards have become staples of the packaging world. They act as incredibly important point of sales tools, giving your customer essential information about your product.

What are Swing Tickets?

Swing tickets are small pieces of removable card attached by a tacher pins, thread or ribbon. Commonly associated with clothes, swing tickets can give information such as size, material, price and wash care instructions. More than just clothing labels, they can easily be attached to a diverse range of products, such as bottles and machinery. The tickets can also be used to promote sales, highlight a specific feature or make your business stand out with fun facts or inspirational quotes.

What are Header Cards?

Header cards are a type of cardstock that is folded in half and attached to a clear plastic bag holding your items, making them the perfect quick, professional and cost-effective way to package and display small items. We also produce header cards for inserting in clam shells and blister packs, when adding a laminate to the ticket it gives an extra layer of protection when inside the clam, this is ideal for any oily applications.

Promote your brand.

Both swing tickets and header cards are excellent ways of promoting your company and branding. By showing your customer the brand, values and quality that they are going to buy into, they can increase brand awareness and sales.

Customisation. With a range of materials, designs, colours, finishes and methods of attachment, you can have your swing tickets and header cards exactly the way you want them. With our own in-house design team, we can also help you create designs that perfectly match your business.

Improve your point of sale. Swing tickets and header cards give your customers the essential information they need while increasing brand awareness and showcasing quality, making them essential point of sale tools.

Easy to use. Swing tickets are attached to your products the way you prefer, while header cards are simply attached onto the clear plastic bag holding your product normally with a euroslot to hang it on a display stand.

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