Shipping Labels

Shipping labels make preparing and dispatching your orders as easy and simple as it should be.

The shipping labels are completely customisable and designed to perfectly suit your business.

With a roll of shipping labels containing the basic design and information, the labels are ready to print variable data such as addresses and barcodes exactly as and when you need them.

At Soabar, we offer a large range of materials, shapes and sizes.

This means that no matter what your business is, we can create the perfect shipping label to suit you with how much or how little information you need.

The shipping labels are also self-adhesive, so when they’re ready to use just peel off the backing and stick to your parcel. In no time at all, your package will be ready to go.

In addition to making the shipping process quicker and easier, shipping labels are also perfect for adding the extra touch of professionalism to your parcels and can reveal a lot about your brand quality.

At Soabar, our shipping labels are:

  • High quality. With over 40 years’ experience at Soabar, we believe in providing only the best shipping labels possible for your company.
  • On Demand. Our shipping labels are designed to be printed with the variable data you need, such as addresses and barcodes, exactly as and when you want them, saving your business valuable time and money.
  • Easy to use. All our shipping labels are self-adhesive and are simply stuck to your package. Once applied, your parcel is ready to go, making shipping a breeze for your company.
  • Durable. Made to be long-lasting, our shipping labels are designed to withstand many conditions thrown at them during their journey, making sure they look great all the way from your business to your customer’s front door.

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