Label Printer Supplies

At Soabar, we provide a range of supplies for your thermal, label and card printers, so you can continue to create high quality and durable labels and tags for your business.

Our range of printing supplies includes a variety of materials such as satins, self-adhesive paper, card and plastic, as well as ink ribbons.

The ink ribbons are available in a combination of wax, wax-resin or resin. These come in various widths, lengths and colours.

With a range of materials, you can make a variety of products such as care labels, self-adhesive labels, tags, and swing tickets. All can be completely personalised and matched to your company and brand, no matter what your business requirements are.

At Soabar, we also offer a range of printing accessories that provide a simple, reliable solution to almost any requirement.

These include cutting and stacking units, and rewinding and dispensing equipment.

Our range of printer supplies is designed to help you print self-adhesive and wash care labels, swing tickets and tags that are:

High quality. Our high quality labels, tags and cards are great for making a positive impression and showcasing the quality of your products and brand.

Long-lasting. The labels and cards are built to be durable and can stand a lot of wear and numerous conditions, making sure they won’t let you down.

Personalised. With our extensive range of materials, we can help you create something that is personalised to and perfectly matches your company and brand.

Cost-effective. Working closely with your business, we can help you select the most cost-effective solution to save your business valuable time and money.

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