Chair Labels

All upholstery chairs must be compliant with furniture and furnishings regulations.

This means that all seat covers must carry a permanent label and a point of sale label.

The permanent label can be long or short but will give basic information about the product and how it is compliant with legislation. It includes information such as:

  • Safety cautions.
  • Name and postal code of the first supplier in the United Kingdom
  • Description of the covering material. This information also great for helping protect themselves from possible allergic reactions.
  • Summary of measures taken to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Permanent chair labels are also used to help suppliers keep track of the chairs. This is not only a requirement under the regulation but can be a useful feature for identifying quality control problems and assisting with warranty claims and recalls.

For chairs that are part of a collection, each chair needs to have a permanent label attached to it.

Under the regulations, chairs also need a point of sale label. This label indicates the ignition resistance of your product and provides your customers with a reassurance of the safety of your chair before buying.

For non-upholstery chairs, labels are a great way of promoting your brand and quality to your customers. They can also be used to protect your customers and company from extra risks from improper use, such as risk of falling if a customer tries to use your chair to balance on.

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