Washcare Labels

Wash care labels are located on every piece of clothing and product within the textiles industry. Providing information about your product and how to care for it, wash care labels are an incredibly important label to have on your products.

Typically, wash care labels carry information such as:

  • Fibre content. This explains what percentage of each fibre was used to make the garment, such as cotton or polyester. In the UK, this information is a legal requirement and helps your customers avoid any allergic reactions by telling them exactly what your garments are made of.
  • Country of Origin. This tells your customers where your product was made and is great opportunity to showcase products that are made in Britain.
  • Wash instructions. This information tells your customer how exactly to care for your product, preventing any accidental damage from them washing, drying or ironing the garment, keeping the garments in their best condition.
  • Hazards. This makes your products safe to use by letting your customers know the potential risks. For some products, like nightwear, it’s also a legal requirement to list hazards such as fire risk.
  • Size. This makes sure that your customers can find and buy the right-sized garment for them.

Not only are wash care labels important, they are also great for increasing brand recognition. With your own design, name or logo printed on the label, your customers will be able to see the quality of the brand they are buying into and ensure that they remember your name every time they wear the product.

At Soabar, we have a range of materials available for your wash care labels. As experts in labels, we can help not only with what information to include but help you create the perfect design, look and feel to your label that fits perfectly inside your products.

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