Seatbelt Labels

Seatbelts are essential for safety and wellbeing while travelling. Seatbelt labels are used to contain important information such as which safety standards the seatbelt has passed, the exact type and model of seatbelt, and its unique serial number.

These labels are required, by law, to ensure customers they are safe to use, making them an essential piece of information.

When it comes to making seatbelt labels, we offer our TT10 material this is a special product which Is flame retardant and complies with standard MV SS 302 (resistance to combustion in a motor vehicle interior) perfect for your seatbelt label.

With our in-house design team, we can also help you choose the right design and information for your seatbelt labels.

At Soabar, we understand that all labels must be comfortable, not irritate your customer, or distract them from your product. That’s why our seatbelt labels are designed using only the best material, making them both durable and soft to the touch.

Our seatbelt labels are:

  • High quality. At Soabar, we believe in providing only the best. That’s why our seatbelt labels are made to the highest quality.
  • Personalised. With a large variety of styles and designs required, we can print your labels exactly the way you want them.
  • Durable. Made to be long-lasting, our seatbelt labels won’t let you down.
  • Safe. Seatbelt labels are used to contain all the information required, making sure they are safe to use and complies with standard MV SS302.

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