Carpet Labels

Carpet labels serve an important role.

The labels give important information about the carpet, such as the name, pile and colour all while strengthening your brand image. Carpet labels can also be used as an easy way to store contact details and guarantees, giving customers a peace of mind knowing they can depend on your product.

Carpet labels can also provide usage and cleaning instructions, making sure that your customers get the most from your product. 

Carpet labels are not only important POS tools but also can be used to make your business run more efficiently. Able to print in variable data, the carpet labels can include barcodes and custom product information, making it easier for employees to track stock levels.

At Soabar, our carpet labels are:

  • High quality. At Soabar, we believe in providing only the best. That’s why our carpet labels are made of the highest quality.
  • Personalised. With a large variety of styles and designs, we can print your labels to your exact requirements, ensuring that they are perfectly matched to your business.
  • Easy to apply. With heat-seal labels, attach them directly to the carpet and seal with heat for a perfect application, every single time.
  • Durable. Incredibly long-lasting, our carpet labels are designed to give ongoing durability and strength, ensuring that they will last a products lifetime.
  • Great for POS. As well as giving vital information, the carpet labels are a great way to strengthen your brand awareness and remind customers of the quality of the product they’re about to buy into.

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