Shelf Edge Labels

Shelf-edge labels are an incredibly useful and convenient way of organising your store or warehouse while improving your efficacy. Shelf-edge labels are a way to quickly show product information such as prices or weight and keep track of your stock, allowing you to reorder as the shelf becomes empty.

At Soabar, no order is too big or small. Our in-house design team and comprehensive printing service ensure you get the shelf-edge labels perfect for your business.

From simple labels for warehouse to more attractive designs that your customers will see, we’ve got the solution for you. Our shelf-edge labels also incorporate barcodes, allowing your company to track a lot of information from a short label, while also giving your employees the tools to quickly scan and handle fast moving goods.

As well as our own printing services, we also supply a range of printers for you to print your own shelf-edge labels as and when you need them. Our printers give you on-demand capabilities, allowing you to change and reorganise your shelves whenever it’s needed.

Our shelf-edge labels and printers are:

  • High quality.With over 30 years of experience at Soabar, we believe in only providing the best shelf-edge labels possible for your company. 
  • Customisable. Each label is printed with its own variable data, including elements such as barcodes, prices, names and weights of your product.  
  • Durable. Made to be long-lasting, our shelf-edge labels are designed to last however long you need them for, looking and work as great as the day they were printed.

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