Loftware NiceLabel Cloud

Posted on 20/03/2023 in Product Information, by Jon

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud -In the Cloud or On-Premise? Cloud technology has transformed the way we work. Everything from file sharing and collaboration tools to critical business systems have moved to the cloud, creating more flexible and responsive work environments. Isn’t it time the cloud did the same for your labelling? Loftware NiceLabel Cloud is the…

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Soabar to exhibit at the H3i exhibition

Posted on 16/01/2015 in Printing News, by Cheryl Charlesworth

Soabar are pleased to announce that they are to attend the H3i chemical exhibition that is being held at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on the 10th and 11th March 2015.

All Makes Servicing

Posted on 17/06/2015 in Printing News, by Cheryl Charlesworth

Soabar’s Technical Department recently received an enquiry for a Toshiba TEC Thermal Printer with a fault which meant the user was completely unable to print labels. Our Engineer’s initial visit on Tuesday confirmed that the machine needed a replacement ribbon rewind module. Sourcing the correct part for the machine was completed and thanks to our…

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New Soabar Website

Posted on 03/02/2016 in Printing News, by Cheryl Charlesworth

Soabar has today published it’s new website. The revamped website showcases all services offered by Soabar and shows new full colour card and label printers with downloadable links to brochures for all Soabar printers. Soabar has a fresh new look with modern images and easy to navigate website and welcome your thoughts.    

25 Years at Soabar & Sophie’s Wedding

Posted on 10/02/2016 in Company News, by Cheryl Charlesworth

December was a busy month for our employees from both a personal and work perspective, and we’d love for you to share their celebrations and successes with us. The start of the month marked Angela’s 25 year anniversary at the company, and to honour the special occasion the company’s Managing Director Phil presented her with…

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The Complete Guide to Wash Care Labels and Washing Symbols

Posted on 26/02/2016 in Product Information, by Jon

Wash Care Labels Textile, washing symbols or fabric? Self-adhesive, care or swing tickets? With so many options available to serve a variety of purposes, there’s no wonder that you could be left scratching your head as to which label is best suited to your needs. In this series of posts, we’ll be helping you to…

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Soabar Interviews… Molly Thomas, Overprinting Department

Posted on 11/03/2016 in Company News, by Jon

Here at Soabar, we think that it’s really important that our customers get to know the people working the machines and manning the phones. Our employees keep the Soabar business functioning, and our customers keep them on their toes! This series of posts will be dedicated to breaking down the technological barrier that is so…

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Washcare Symbols – What do they all mean?

Posted on 30/03/2016 in Product Information, by Jon

How do you, or rather how should you wash your favourite t-shirt? In the washing machine at 40°C with “˜medium agitation’ or hand wash only? Do you send it off to the dry cleaners for washing in a hydrocarbon solvent (there are many to choose from!) or do you tumble dry it at a low,…

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Tamper-Proof, Anti-Counterfeit Labels

Posted on 31/03/2016 in Company News, Printing News, by Jon

Tamper-Proof/Anti-Counterfeit Labels Is your business losing a large amount of money as a result of illegal, fraudulent behaviour?   From large clothing retailers to small garden centres, the swapping of pricing labels has become a major problem worldwide, and could be losing your company thousands of pounds each year. A survey conducted by found…

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Soabar Interviews… Jon Nichols, Sales

Posted on 14/06/2016 in Company News, by Jon

Welcome back to our series of blog posts that aim to ensure that you get to know the people behind the names and job titles here at Soabar. This time we’re interviewing Jon Nichols, who works in the Sales Department. What do our employees jobs involve on a day to day basis? How did they…

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Need a quote for labels? – Infographic

Posted on 16/06/2016 in Company News, Product Information, by Jon

Get a quote for Labels from Soabar! Do you learn best by having information presented to you visually? If so, an infographic may be for you! Recent studies by the Social Science Research Network have shown that 65% of the population are ‘visual learners’. This means that individuals will prefer to associate ideas, concepts and data…

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