Security Labels and Tags

Security labels and tags are an excellent way to protect your items from theft. They are perfect for both your valuable business assets and the products to sell to your customers.

Security labels and tags serve a variety of uses for your business. They can be used as a permanent ID mark, letting you keep track of your products. They can also be used as a warranty label, or act as a security seal ensuring that no one interferes with or damages the item.

Built for variable data, security labels and tags are fully-customisable. They can include many elements and extra security precautions, including tamper-proof labels, which cause the labels to disintegrate and tear if they are removed from the product or its packaging. The labels could also be customised to include holograms to prevent against counterfeits or use ultraviolet ink which is invisible to the naked eye. Our security labels and tags also include EAS (electronic article surveillance) tags, preventing the products from being able to leave the premises.

With a range of customisable options and ability to stick to numerous surfaces, our range of security labels and tags are perfect for many products, from high-tech electronics to a pack of batteries or meat labelling.

  • High quality.With over 30 years of experience at Soabar, we believe in only providing the best security labels and tags for your company. 
  • Customisable. Each label is printed with its own variable data, including elements such as Identification numbers. The security tags can also be designed with a many customisable elements, including holograms, tamper-proof technology and ultraviolet print.
  • Durable. Our security tags and labels are incredibly long lasting and designed to last the lifetime of your product.
  • Easy to use. With self-adhesive labels, just simply peel off the backing and place on the product.

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