Furniture Labels

Based on furniture and furnishings regulations, furniture needs to have permanent and/or point of sale labels to comply with current legislation.

Mostly focused on furniture that contains upholstery, the labels are essential for showing the safety of the product. 

The furniture labels cover and provide proof that the item is safe for use and has passed the main elements within the regulations. These are:

  • The filling materials meet specified ignition requirements
  • The upholstery is cigarette-resistant
  • The covers are match-resistant.
  • The supplier keeps and maintains records of the furniture to ensure traceability and compliance. This includes information such as statements, the results of any tests carried out on the furniture, and the correlation of records to labels, batch numbers or marks attached to the furniture.

Point of sale labels are needed for certain pieces of furniture.

Not only are they used to comply with legislation, these labels can also be a valuable tool to showcase your brand and quality, and product safety, encouraging customers to buy your product.

The permanent labels can be short or long and include information such as product cautions, batch or identification numbers, description of the filling materials and the measures taken to ensure regulatory compliance.

These labels can also be a great place to state information such as country of origin and showcase products that are British-made.

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