Mattress Labels

Mattress labels serve an important role.

Required by certain bedding legislation, they hold a lot of important information about the product, including fire safety information to help keep your customers safe.

Mattress labels also give information on what materials are used inside the mattress and care instructions, helping your customers keep the mattress in its best condition and avoid any allergic reactions.

In addition, mattress labels can be used to state the country of origin and showcase products that are British-made.

Not only are they used to comply with bedding legislation, they can also be a valuable point of sale tool that showcases your brand and quality, encouraging your customers to buy your product.

There are many different types of mattress label, including:

  • Fire labels. These are British Standard labels and give important fire safety information. These labels are also known as blue or green fire labels.
  • Tape-edge label. This hangs down the mattress border.
  • Centre label. This sits at the bottom of the mattress, in the centre.
  • Sashes. These are labels that sit at the corner of the mattress.

Mattress labels also help companies track the factory and batch where each mattress was manufactured. This is an important feature when it comes to identifying quality control problems and assisting with warranty claims and recalls.

At Soabar, our mattress labels are the highest quality and durable, designed to last the mattress’ lifetime. Knowing how important it is not to distract or irritate the customer, our mattress labels are also designed to be comfortable and blend perfectly with the material of the mattress.

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