Tamper-Evident Labels

Tamper-evident labels are the way to prevent swapping of your pricing labels.

When customers swap the pricing labels on products, it allows them to buy items at a cheaper and incorrect price. Potentially losing your company thousands of pounds a year, label swapping has been causing business of all sizes to suffer. A recent survey conducted by myvouchercodes.co.uk stated that label swapping was the most common method employed by customers wanting to save money and that over half of participants had performed the act at least once.

Tamper-evident tags are designed to stop people from removing the label. The labels are made from a combination of easy-tear materials and strong adhesives. If someone tries to remove them, they disintegrate and tear, making it obvious that someone has tampered with the label.

Our tamper-evident labels are:

  • High quality.With over 30 years of experience at Soabar, we believe in only providing the best tamper evident labels for your company. 
  • Customisable. The labels are designed to print variable data, including prices and barcodes for each item.
  • Durable. Completely tamper-proof, you can be confident that your labels will stay in place, even if someone tries to remove it.
  • Easy to use. With self-adhesive labels, just simply peel off the backing and place on the product.
  • Cost-effective.Preventing a loss of earnings through label swapping, the tamper-evident tags are a cost-effective solution for your business.

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