EAS Tags

EAS (electronic article surveillance) tags and labels are the perfect way to protect your business from theft.

In each tag, there is a strip of amorphous metal. When the metal strip in the tags passes through a detector system, an alarm will sound, alerting you of theft. Easy to use, the labels can be used for a variety of products including clothing, CDs, electrical items, or toys. No matter what your product is, the EAS tags are able to protect your business from theft.

When a customer buys an item, the tag is deactivated with magnetised devices, allowing them to take it out of your premises without sounding an alarm.

Because the tags can be easily activated and deactivated, EAS tags and labels are an excellent and cost-effective solution to protect your business.

At Soabar, our EAS tags and labels are:

  • High quality.With over 30 years of experience at Soabar, we believe in only providing the best EAS labels and tags for your company. 
  • Durable. Our security tags and labels are long-lasting and durable. Designed to last the lifetime of your product, they are the perfect solution.  
  • Easy to use. With self-adhesive labels, just simply peel off the backing and place on the product.
  • Cost-effective.Preventing a loss of earnings through theft, the EAS tags are a cost-effective solution for your business.


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