Pharmaceutical labels

With over 40 years of valuable experience in label printing, we offer a wide variety of pharmaceutical and healthcare labels. Our collection of pharmaceutical labels covers all possible bases to help ensure your products are both safe and compliant.

We can supply labels suitable for everything from anaesthetics, blood bags, cardiology, dietetics and medical records, to paediatrics and pharmacies.

They can be used for a wide range of applications and can include logos or images, product technical data, use and storage instructions, variable batch numbers, barcodes, dates or sequential numbering.

They can also be personalised in line with your own branding requirements.

Our labels are:

High quality. At Soabar, we believe in supplying only the best. That’s why our pharmaceutical labels are created to the highest possible quality.
Durable. Using high quality materials and state-of-the-art printing machines, our pharmaceutical labels are designed to be durable and reliable, making them perfect matches no matter what you need.
Customisable. With a range of different materials, sizes and designs, we can print the perfect pharmaceutical label for you. We can also print variable data onto each label, giving you complete customisation over your labels.


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