Label Printer Service

Thermal label printers are an excellent way of printing your own labels exactly when you need them.

With modern technology, label printers can be used for a range of functions and are designed to produce high quality, crystal clear labels every single time.

To make sure your printer always delivers high quality labels, it needs regular services to ensure that it’s always running at its best. Regular services not only ensure your printer is always working for you, but also protect your business against any expensive and time-consuming breakages.

The ideal frequency of printer services depends on how often your machine is used and what kind of labels that it prints. At Soabar, we recommend that your printer is serviced every 10-12 months or shows any of the following symptoms:

  • Labels being printed at a lower quality.
  • Incomplete labels printed by your printer.
  • Lines appearing on your printed labels.
  • Wearing out print heads or other components at a faster than usual rate.

If your printer is experiencing any of these symptoms, there could be an underlying issue that is affecting your printer. The quicker you have your printer serviced, the quicker this issue can be identified and fixed. Without a service, this issue can damage your printer or cause it to break down, which can be very time-consuming and expensive for your company to fix.

Over your printer’s life, it will be damaged by elements such as dirt, dust, heat, low quality ribbon, inferior label stock and general wear on the print head and components. Typically, the most common cause of damage is a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance. That’s why even if your printer doesn’t experience any symptoms, regular services are key to making sure it is in its best condition.

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