How to tell if your Thermal Printer Needs Servicing

Posted on 06/07/2017 in Company News, by Jon

Specially designed for printing labels and variable data, thermal printers offer many benefits for your company. 

Creating high quality, long-lasting labels, thermal printers are ideal for care labels, barcodes, receipts, ID badges, shipping labels, price tags and more.

Not only do thermal printers create a more efficient experience for you, they also save your business valuable time and money.

Thermal printers should be kept in their best condition to avoid any expensive and time-consuming breakages. Regular servicing plays a key role in keeping your printer running at its best, but how do you know when your printer needs a service?


Does your thermal printer need servicing?

There are many indicators that your printer needs a service, including:

  • Printing images and text at a lower quality than previously observed
  • Incomplete images being printed
  • Lines appearing in your data
  • Wearing out print heads at a fast rate

Even if your printer doesn’t experience any of these symptoms, regular services are key to making sure it is in its best condition. the frequency of these services should depend on how often your machine is used and can help you identify any potential issues your printer may have before they cause any damage.

For example, Soabar recommends that you should have your printer serviced every 10-12 months.

However, if you need further servicing then do not hesitate to contact our technical team to arrange a servicing appointment today.

Damages to your thermal printer are caused by elements such as dirt, dust, heat, ribbon and paper quality and general wear on the print head and components. Typically, the most common cause of damages is a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance.

Most of these causes can be managed and prevented by cleaning your printer regularly. Without regular cleaning, the print head becomes clogged with dirt and wears out, creating low quality or incomplete images. Maintaining a clean print head will not only save your money in replacements and repairs but also extend the life of your printer. A good rule of thumb for maintenance is that using your Soabar cleaning accessories, your print head should be cleaned every time you change a ribbon or roll of paper.



Thermal printers offer many benefits for your business but need to be maintained and serviced regularly to keep performing at their best.

If you’re noticing a decrease in quality, lines through your print, printing errors or if you’re rapidly going through print heads, it’s time for a service.

Don’t wait until they’ve broken down or until your scheduled service. 

At Soabar, we have over 45 years of experience in servicing all brands of thermal printers. Need more information about servicing your thermal printer? Get in touch with our team today to arrange an appointment.