Loftware NiceLabel Cloud

Posted on 20/03/2023 in Product Information, by Jon

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud -In the Cloud or On-Premise? Cloud technology has transformed the way we work. Everything from file sharing and collaboration tools to critical business systems have moved to the cloud, creating more flexible and responsive work environments. Isn’t it time the cloud did the same for your labelling? Loftware NiceLabel Cloud is the…

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The Complete Guide to Wash Care Labels and Washing Symbols

Posted on 26/02/2016 in Product Information, by Jon

Wash Care Labels Textile, washing symbols or fabric? Self-adhesive, care or swing tickets? With so many options available to serve a variety of purposes, there’s no wonder that you could be left scratching your head as to which label is best suited to your needs. In this series of posts, we’ll be helping you to…

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Washcare Symbols – What do they all mean?

Posted on 30/03/2016 in Product Information, by Jon

How do you, or rather how should you wash your favourite t-shirt? In the washing machine at 40°C with “˜medium agitation’ or hand wash only? Do you send it off to the dry cleaners for washing in a hydrocarbon solvent (there are many to choose from!) or do you tumble dry it at a low,…

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Need a quote for labels? – Infographic

Posted on 16/06/2016 in Company News, Product Information, by Jon

Get a quote for Labels from Soabar! Do you learn best by having information presented to you visually? If so, an infographic may be for you! Recent studies by the Social Science Research Network have shown that 65% of the population are ‘visual learners’. This means that individuals will prefer to associate ideas, concepts and data…

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The benefits of choosing and using digitally printed labels, compared with conventional printed labels

Posted on 21/03/2017 in Frequently Asked Questions, Printing News, Product Information, by Jon

Digitally printed labels have grown in both use and popularity in recent years.   More than just a piece of paper, labels can have a significant impact on sales. So, it’s important that they are done right.  Although there are lots of variations of label printing, there are two primary forms: digital and conventional.  Choosing between…

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The benefits of using thermal transfer printers

Posted on 24/03/2017 in Product Information, by Jon

Thermal transfer printers have recently grown in popularity, with more businesses discovering the advantages of using one.  To make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the benefits that thermal transfer printers can bring.   What are thermal transfer printers? A thermal transfer printer is specially designed for…

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Full Colour Washcare Labels

Posted on 11/04/2017 in New Product Launches, Product Information, by Cheryl Charlesworth

It is now possible to produce Full Colour Washcare Labels with the Washjet full colour care label printer. Using pigment ink cartridges and Soabar’s ink receptive wash-resistant nylon satin you can now print and customise washcare labels to include full colour logos, warning instructions or just generally brighten up your care labels. The Washjet printer…

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TT50 TPU – Clear Clothing Labels

Posted on 26/06/2017 in New Product Launches, Product Information, by Jon

Aesthetically pleasing, durable and soft to touch, TT50 TPU labels are a great alternative to your regular satin labels sewn into items of clothing. Sometimes called Clear Clothing Labels due to their transparent appearance, TT50 TPU labels can be printed with variable text, care instructions and your own logo to create a truly personalised label…

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