How to Store Labels in Hot Weather

Posted on 07/07/2017 in Frequently Asked Questions, Product Information, by Jon

Do you know the best way to Store Labels?

After the past few days of hot weather, I think that summer may finally be upon us. Soaring temperatures, long sunny evenings and the smell of BBQs wafting in the air- it can only mean one thing!

But despite all of the fabulous things that come with the heat, there are some things that we have to bear in mind too. And this is on top of making sure that we apply our suncream regularly (and for the record- SPF 50 is the only way to go!).

All self-adhesive labels, whether they be new or old, can be damaged when exposed to high temperatures. With this is mind, we recommend that all of our customers store labels in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard or warehouse, that has temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius. We know how warm offices can get in the heat, so we advise on moving all labels out of this environment for the time being. 

This is because when paper labels are exposed to the heat, the adhesive will spread outwards onto the sheet they are stuck onto. This can cause feeding problems when the rolls come to be printed. Of course this is less than ideal, which is why we wanted to advise you on how to avoid this from happening to your label stock.

When you’ve relocated your labels to a suitable place, then all that’s left to do is go and enjoy the sunshine!

From everyone here at Soabar, we hope that you have a pleasant and enjoyable summer.

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