Barcode Uses

Posted on 21/06/2018 in Product Information, by Jon

Existing for decades, barcode labels have become a staple of businesses around the globe.

Barcodes work by translating data into black and white lines, which are read and interpreted by a computer. Simply put, barcodes are an easy way to store a lot of information.

They’re incredibly useful to help businesses keep track of products, prices and stock levels, saving time when it comes to the sale and restocking of items. Unlike humans, it’s virtually impossible to have a read error for a barcode.

Today, there are many types of barcodes that exist, including QR codes which are more easily read on smartphones. As the ways that we can access barcodes and the amount of information they can contain grow, so do their uses.


1. To keep better track of your products

Barcodes aren’t just useful for a sale, but for your business to keep better track of its products, letting you know when you need to restock.

The healthcare industry is a great example of how barcodes can be used to keep better track of its products. From patient wristbands to medications, barcodes are being used in the healthcare industry for healthcare workers to know exactly what medicines to administer, keep a track of lab work and offers a way to ensure that no potentially life-threating mistakes can be made.




2. To market your products or business.

In today’s digital age, customers are more accustomed to scanning barcodes themselves, making them excellent pieces of your marketing campaigns.

Although more suited to QR codes, barcodes can be placed on advertising displays and billboards. When the code is scanned, the customers could be taken to the webpage of a new product launch, or even be given a discount code, increasing awareness and sales.




3. Make a better first impression

Barcodes contain a lot of information. So, instead of trying to incorporate all information about your product on the label, you can instead use a barcode to link customers to it instead. This could include information such as nutrition or calorie information, which could also be entered on health apps or food trackers directly from the barcode.

With the information in the barcode, you have more space on the label to focus on what’s important, creating a sleeker, better design. With better labels, your product will make a better first impression on customers, increasing sales.



There are many creative ways to use barcodes to make your business stand out from the crowd.

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