Creative product label ideas to make your business stand out

Posted on 21/06/2018 in Company News, by Jon

product label ideas

Product labels are an incredibly important point of sale tool. Not only do they display important or required information about the product, they also say a lot about branding and quality. As a result, they can often be the deciding factor that convinces a customer to buy.

When it comes to product labels, we know you want to get it right. You want something that will make your business stand out, catch your customers’ attention and convince them that this is the product that they need.

To help you get started, we’ve put together some creative product label ideas kick-start your imagination.

1. Think about usability

Some of the best product labels we’ve seen go above and beyond – they think about what a customer is going to do with it afterwards.

Products designed for children are great examples of this. If your product label can be played with or coloured in afterwards, you’re giving your customers extra value that will encourage them to buy.

This creative idea works for all ages. For example, Point after Point wine, who play on their namesake by putting a dot-to-dot picture on the bottle label that customers can enjoy afterwards – they even include a little pencil with it!

product label ideas

2. Let your personality shine

Your product labels are a representation of your brand. The best product labels are the ones that are aware of this and aren’t afraid to inject some personality into their label. 

If your brand has a fun, light-hearted and friendly side, use it in your product label. Humour is a great way to break the ice and form a connection with your customers.

Innocent smoothies are a great example of this, as they use light-hearted humour and playful tones to stand out and make a memorable impression. 

product label ideas

3. Use colour to your advantage.

Colour is an incredibly important part of any product label.

Using bright colours is a great way to catch people’s eye and make your product stand out on a busy shelf – but be careful, too much colour can make the whole thing difficult to read.

Some of our favourite product label ideas pay close attention to colour, such as these tools from Bricos. Using a restricted pallet of two colours, the packaging grabs attention without overwhelming anyone.

product label ideas

4. Think outside of the box

When surrounded by a mass of competition, the best product labels come from those that think outside of the box.

This packaging from Bee Bright is a great example of this. Moving away from the normal honey jars we’re used to seeing, this company used a box-shaped container made of beeswax. Adding a wick to the bottom also allowed customers to use it as a candle when finished, making it 100% waste free and 100% awesome.  

product label ideas

5. Less is more

Simple product label ideas are often the best.

Your label needs to be relevant and show the core of your product and brand, which means that you don’t need to include your entire story or every little detail.

These labels form Jaqueline Evans are a great example of how cutting back detail for a clean and modern look can make your product stand out from the rest.

product label ideas

Full of ideas and inspiration for your own product labels? We can bring them to life.

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