Soabar exhibits at Meet the Manufacturer 2016

Posted on 21/06/2016 in Company News, by Jon

On the 25th and 26th May, Soabar took its expertise, services and  label printing machines to the Truman’s Brewery, London to take part in Meet the Manufacturer 2016. Joining forces with 150 other exhibitors specialising in clothing, textiles and leather goods, we proudly showcased the large selection of labels and machines we have to offer….

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Soabar and the National Citizen Service (NCS)

Posted on 15/07/2016 in Company News, by Jon

Recently, Soabar has begun to support the National Citizen Service here in Leicestershire. NCS aims to deliver a “˜once-in-a-lifetime experience’ to young people between 15-17 years of age. Throughout the course of the intensive 4 week summer programme, NCS aims to develop young people’s “˜skills for work and life’ whilst allowing them the opportunity to…

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Design and Manufacture Exhibition 2016

Posted on 18/07/2016 in Company News, by Cheryl Charlesworth

Soabar are proud to be exhibiting at Design and Manufacture 2016 on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week at the Campanile Hotel, Bedford Street North, Leicester LE1 3JE.  Pop along and see our range of machines, materials and more!  #Exhibition #Leicester #Soabar #Washcare #Care Labels #Labels  

Sophie, Jon and Molly’s Isle of Wight Challenge

Posted on 11/11/2016 in Company News, by Jon

What are your plans for the weekend? A bit of retail therapy? Taking children to dance classes or football practice? Well, I can almost guarantee that what’s on Jon and Sophie’s agenda isn’t on yours!  This Sunday 13th November two of our employees, Jon and Sophie Nichols, are planning to begin the Isle of Wight…

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The Nichols’ Isle of Wight Challenge- Day 1

Posted on 14/11/2016 in Company News, by Jon

The start of a new week can only mean two things: 1) nostalgically reminiscing the wonderful if not slightly damp weekend that was shared by all and 2) beginning to ask, ‘Is it Friday yet?!’. But no-one may be asking that last question more than Jon and Sophie, who on Friday will finally be able…

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The Nichols’ Isle of Wight Challenge- Day 2

Posted on 15/11/2016 in Company News, by Jon

‘It’ a new dawn, it’s a new day’, but from the reports we received yesterday from Jon and Sophie- I don’t know whether they’re ‘feeling good’ as Michael Bublé would say! Day 2 sounded like a challenge, walking from Bembridge to Chale across all sorts of terrain in both the light and the dark. Fingers crossed…

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The Nichols’ Isle of Wight Challenge- Day 3

Posted on 16/11/2016 in Company News, by Jon

If any of you are avid Radio 2 listeners, then you will know that on yesterday’s breakfast show the day was entitled ‘Get Fit Tuesday’. And that’s exactly what Jon, Sophie and Molly were doing- as day 3 of their Isle of Wight Challenge amounted to over 18 miles of walking as they trekked between…

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The Nichols’ Isle of Wight Challenge- Day 4

Posted on 17/11/2016 in Company News, by Jon

The penultimate day of the Isle of Wight Challenge is upon us! Amidst the mud, hills and water, Jon, Sophie and Molly edged that little bit closer to walking the final leg of their journey and most importantly- jumping in the hot tub waiting for them at the end! Day 4 saw them walking between…

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The Nichols’ Isle of Wight Challenge Day 5

Posted on 18/11/2016 in Company News, by Jon

THEY’VE DONE IT!  Jon, Sophie and Molly have completed the biggest physical challenge of their lives- walking 72 miles around the Isle of Wight in 5 days! They’ve battled wind, rain, mud and blisters, but yesterday they finally reached it back to Cowes where they began their journey on Sunday morning. This was no walk…

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