Sustainable Ribbon

The Process 

Our recycled yarn is made from 100% post consumer waste PET bottles. Our control begins from the collection of the bottle through to the finished woven ribbon. This transparent process, from bottle to ribbon, is audited and certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

Bottle collection

There are numerous collection points within China creating the opportunity for local people to earn an income and improve their local environment.

Sorting and bailing

Once the bottles reach the collection point they are sorted into different grades. They are then crushed into bails for ease of storage and transportation to our yarn factory.


The bails are separated to allow the bottles to be washed removing as much dirt, labelling and contaminants as possible.


The bottles are ground into flake and are put through a second wash process at which stage any leftover residue and bottle tops are separated, leaving a cleansed PET flake.


The flake is molten into liquid form and extruded at high pressure into yarn. The yarn is now ready to be woven into our luxurious and sustainable ribbon.

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