4+ Series Printer

Soabar 4+ Series

The 4420+, 4430+ and 4460+ thermal transfer label printers are included in our range of industrial label printing solution for printing labels on demand.

The 4+ series range benefits from a 4.3″ LCD touchscreen display allowing the user to easily navigate around the menu structure to change settings or just pause the printer during a print run.

The 4+ series range also includes the larger 4630+ and the smaller 4230+ and 4260+ these models are 6″ wide and 2″ wide respectively which allows printing of wider pallet labels down to smaller PCB labelling, the 4420+, 4430+ and 4460+ prints up to 4″ wide. All the printers in the 4+ range offer an impressive 8″ internal roll diameter for labels and up to 450m ink ribbon capacity reducing downtime.

The 4 series printer also offers a range of attachments including a cutter, perforation cutter for heat shrink tubing and a rewind unit. The machines are also available as a dispensing option which will dispensing one printed label each time the last printed label is removed.

Our 4+ RFID model printer integrating UHF RFID options to enable the highest industrial reliability in processes related to writing and printing RFID labels.


Alongside the cutter and rewind units there is also a full range of applicator heads available to apply labels directly onto your products without the need for human intervention, please call us to discuss your exact requirements.

Printer Refills

Get your 4+ Series Printer label refills here.