6 Series Printer

Soabar 6430 thermal transfer label printer

Meet the high end Soabar 6430 thermal transfer label printer solution for printing labels on demand in the toughest of environments.

The 6 series range benefits from a large backlit display allowing the user to easily see in difficult conditions which changes colour when there is an error allowing the user to navigate around the menu structure to change settings or just pause the printer during a print run.

Wider Labels

The 6 series range also includes the larger 6530, 6630 and 6830 these models are 5″, 6″ and 8″ respectively which allows the printing of wider pallet labels from A5 to A4 in size, the 6430 prints up to 4″ wide. All the printers in the 6 series range offer an impressive 8″ internal roll diameter for labels and up to 600m ink ribbon capacity reducing downtime.

Attachment Range

The 6 series printer also offers a range of attachments including a cutter and a rewind unit allowing you to cut your labels or tickets into singles or put them back on a roll so they can be easily applied through an applicator or by hand.

Printer Refills

Get your 6 Series Printer label refills here.